Month: August 2017

Classes have started!

Here at UConn our Fall semester classes have started.

I’m happy to be teaching two graduate courses this semester.

On Wednesday afternoons, I’m teaching Ling 5110, Acquisition of Syntax – our first-semester grad course providing an overview of generative approaches to language acquisition. If you’re interested, you can find the syllabus here.

On Tuesday mornings, I’m team-teaching with Harry van der Hulst a seminar on Structure of Sign Languages. We’ve decided to focus the course on interfaces within and outside of grammar, while still giving an overview of (some of) what sign linguists find interesting in sign languages. The syllabus is here.

ASL Research Resources – Two workshops

In association with the LSA Summer Institute (see this post), I organized a workshop on ASL Research Resources (see Workshop page here). The workshop featured the recent and ongoing developments associated with the SLAAASh project, including the new ASL SignBank, and its new communication with ELAN, as well as ASL-LEX, with whom we are collaborating to ensure compatibility between ASL-LEX and SignBank.


On Friday, Aug. 18 (1:30-6 PM), we will have a mini-version of this workshop at Gallaudet University, with presentations by Julie Hochgesang, Zed Sehyr, and me. The presentations will be open to the Gallaudet Sign Language community and others interested.


We will have a SignBank demo session in CT during a SLRDG slot this semester. Stay tuned for details.

LSA Summer Institute

I taught an intensive course on ‘Sign Language Acquisition’ at the Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute in Lexington, KY, July 5-Aug. 1. The students were all very interested in this topic and we had excellent discussions. I appreciated the chance to share work in this area. I also attended two other courses and a number of presentations. I always like to recommend the Summer Institute especially for graduate students, as it’s a great time to be immersed in linguistics and to take advantage of the opportunity to learn subjects you wouldn’t necessarily be exposed to at your home institution.