Month: November 2016

UConn Magazine article – The Case for Bilingual Deaf Children

The UConn Magazine in Sept. 2016 published an article discussing research at UConn relating to The Case for Bilingual Deaf Children. The primary focus of the article is Marie Coppola’s current research looking at the development of numerical concepts. It also included some discussion of Laura Mauldin’s research on what parents of deaf children are told about cochlear implants (CIs) and sign language, and work by the Bibibi lab on spoken language development by signing Deaf children using CIs. Check it out!

Hello World!

Finally, after not being able to update my personal website for over a year due to the software being discontinued, I have converted to a UConn Aurora (WordPress) site.

Please see the equally new Sign Linguistics & Language Acquisition (SLLA) website for more research info.

I will be adding papers to the Publications page so check back for what’s new.