Author: Lillo-Martin, Diane

Post-doc available

There is an opening for a post-doctoral researcher in my lab!

Interested in sign language development and/or bimodal bilingualism in children and adults? Please see the full announcement on LinguistList or click here to apply.

I’d be happy to address any questions.



Oi! Tudo bem? Tudo bom!

I am in Brazil for presentations and research with colleague Ronice Quadros.
First, I have a presentation at UFAL in Maceió, where I am visiting the northeast of Brazil for my first time. Next week, I will give a presentation at UFSC, and Ronice and I will work on our various projects. Before I leave I will stop by São Paulo for one more presentation. It will be a very productive visit.

Virtual Center for Applied Sign Linguistics

Last week I attended a meeting designed to found a Virtual Center for Applied Sign Linguistics. This group (led by Beppie van den Bogaerde, Lorraine Leeson, and Tobias Haug) has the following draft mission statement:

VCASL works to bridge the gap between sign language research and practice. It supports the use of sign languages among deaf people and in society. VCASL is a central resource in the applications of research in sign language use to family life, pedagogy, interpreting, acquisition, and the arts.

It was a productive cooperative venture and I hope that some good resource-sharing and other results will be seen. I’ll share here when such activities develop!

Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism Epistemological article

A new article is out! It is an Epistemological article by me, Ronice Müller de Quadros and Deborah Chen Pichler, in the journal Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism, with 17 peer commentaries and a response by us to the commentaries. See this link for the whole TOC and the Publications page for pdfs of the target and response.


The article lays out the foundations of the Language Synthesis model (developed together with Helen Koulidobrova, who has a related article in the online-first section of LAB), and overviews how study of bimodal bilinguals (C/Kodas) relates to issues in linguistic theory.


Some of the commentators are positive about our approach; others not so – but all provide important and interesting questions for our continued research. We thank them!





Sabbatical – Spring 2017

As the fall semester winds down to a close, I am looking forward to my upcoming sabbatical in Spring 2017!

I expect to be in and out during my sabbatical – for those of you at UConn, you will see me at the SLRDG meetings, Acqui Lab, and in our scheduled meetings part of the time, though not the whole semester.

My plans for sabbatical include SLAAASh data analysis, finishing up a number of papers that are in various stages of completion (HK!), visiting Brazil to work with Ronice, and putting together a new grant proposal to be submitted in June. Should be fun!



UConn Magazine article – The Case for Bilingual Deaf Children

The UConn Magazine in Sept. 2016 published an article discussing research at UConn relating to The Case for Bilingual Deaf Children. The primary focus of the article is Marie Coppola’s current research looking at the development of numerical concepts. It also included some discussion of Laura Mauldin’s research on what parents of deaf children are told about cochlear implants (CIs) and sign language, and work by the Bibibi lab on spoken language development by signing Deaf children using CIs. Check it out!

The Case for Bilingual Deaf Children